Friday, 26 August 2016

21st century Mini

Sheffield Univeersity could get a load of undergraduates to build this car, as a term pratical execi8se on Wednesday.
The first thing is to set up a 25x1cm steam plasma tube in a small water tank. At 4 atmospheres this will prodcue 580 W, as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion: this technological development is of world importance – and I gave to my PhD supervisor in 2001 – before my PhD was ended for no reason.
This drives a space turbnie, which should generate 80kW of power. This is nearly twice what we need for a helicopter – that is for later sessions.
We use power eelctronics to distribute 2000 V AC to the four hubs of the car. We then have 4 wheel drive. Probabyl Sheffield will have suitable circuit diagrams from a previous PhD.
So we tehn have a 4 wheel car, which uses 10-17cc of regular water every 3 years. I would use a small Carnot system to cool the exit steam, and return the heat to the boiler.
This may mean we only need a 10x1cm steam plasma tube.
No heavy engine, gear box or drive shaft. We build a 21st century car, that never needs to visit a service station. Not going to do much for the price of petrol.
Saudi Arabia need scrude to be above $65 a barrel. Today it is at 48. I rather doubt that North Sea Oil is maknig any money today.
Everybody can use a 50cm steam plasma tube – started by the electronics from a fluorescent lgiht. This will generate 1.2 MW of heat. A 1m oil or gas burner only makes 45kW, and is vastly over priced.

We will probably never need to replenish the reservoir of the plasma tube. Oil just died.

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