Saturday, 9 July 2016

Why see a doctor?

These are the people who read about the cure to cancer using High Intensity UltraSound. It sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the pressurised cancer cells.
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray
HIUS does not affect body cells – they experience ultrasound burns at high power levels. I now use a 8 W I MHz ultrasonic massage device – ultrasound burns cut in at 20 W.
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So we selectively destroy cancer cells – the minimal body cell damage sets up and immune action to clear the cancer cell type through out the body.
All cancer cells! They all divide in a viral manor. So all are cleaned with HIUS – as confirmed by every Dr on Earth 2002.
who went on prescribing biochemistry – seeing their patients die a horrible death within 2 years. But making them lots of money.
This is in contravention of the Hippocratic oath – so rendering their health insurance invalid. Every day's medicine is medical malpractice – and criminal.
Each Dr has amassed a legal fine of 10 billion though there murderous behaviour. The worst serial killer in history is an angle in comparison.
Killing horribly for money: saying they are using best medicine, while prescribing medicine prohibited for 14 years, Even doing defective surgery, when one 1 minute session of 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound would have totally cured the patient.
Isn't it strange that no doctor has died from cancer since 2002 – they reserve that for thee paying patients.
½ a minute of HIUS to the chest, throat and nose will cure all diseases in 4 hours. Stopping cancer, heart disease, diabetes … . All with no need ever to see a GP ever again.
They just want to give you chemical dependence, and see you die in agony. Cambridge and Harvard knew all this 2002.

They were not allowed to research or teach biochemistry. Every graduating student from a medical school since 2002 no longer, or were was, a doctor. All their medical practice medical malpractice.

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