Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Somme Commemoration

was the battle of WW1. We want from Ypres, where the machine gun was mowing down Allied soldiers: and the Somme, which started the same way.
Since 2014, the allies had identified a need fro a bullet and bomb proof machine gun turret. The first work was done in the US, the Mount Washington Cog Railway. The
The development was towards farming, but the military people realised it could be used to transport a machine gun and large gun.
When the first tanks appeared they were unwieldy vehicles, and we subjected the German lines to intensive artillery, then drove cross the barbed wire, and machine gunned the German soldiers.
The battle of the Somme ended up with the killing of more Germans than allied soldiers.
It was a pivotel moment in war. The Germans developed their won tanks, but they were slow and over engineered, so we drove around then, and fired high calibre weapons to destroy them.
Adolph Hitler was a tank gunner, but was out of his tank, as it was destroyed.
The Somme celebration showed the huge importance of this battle – y own grandfather lived through it.
It was amazing to see all the families out to commemorate what was the worst battle start in British military history.
Next year we are on to VE day: far happier, and my writing group will be making a short video on the out break of peace in Europe.

I found it interesting the British people voted for Brexit, 100 years and 1 day after the Somme.

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