Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The death of Climate Change

Global Warming died in 1995, as the world started cooling naturally. It fell out of the news, but came back as Climate Change in 2005 – a naturally bad hurricane year. A natural cycle – go ask a meteorologist.
Now I have pushed my idea of 2001, that plants on the land and seas capped CO2 at a global 2 parts per million – its pre-industrial level. Any person unfamiliar with the carbon cycle is not qualified to organise the daily milk round at nursery school.
This idea did remove all the scientists from Global Warming studies. But nuclear power hit back, by showing politicians that they could tac CO2: they never got as far as measuring CO2, as away from a diesel exhaust, you are back to 2ppm.
Plenty of nuclear funded graphs said otherwise- but people get taxed on firm measurement, not pluralistic science.
I put out there that a steam plasma turned regular water into massive, carbon 0 heat. And a 50x1cm steam plasma will generate an income of over 3 million: nuclear never did counter this real science. Molecular Nuclear Fusion – free carbon 0 power, the way nature does it – in heavy rain and lightening.
I also pointed out that drilling down to the geothermal river that runs around the Earth, gives you access to free super heated water, with gold in. Energy intensive industries already use this heat source.
We use a Dyson dry cleaner, remove all solids, then generate power. Using the exit steam to heat material in a dye process.
This actually means the cooling pond in dying or printing industries already contains loads of gold dust. Dredged out the pond, and separate out the gold dust – Eureka, massive fortune.
Nuclear power were appalled. Here was carbon 0 power, with gold as a by-product. The money to fund Climate Change work started to vanish.
I also pointed out that all nuclear plants required insurance of 100 billion – 100 times more than available. And the insurance could not be carried in house.
The biggest corporate crime in history – warranting immediate stop orders on nuclear plants: and multi-life jail sentences for all plant managers and regulators. Extending up to all the management in nuclear power.

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Nuclear power went very quiet. But still politicians were going on about the biologically impossible Climate Change. Then I told all of the above to my new FaceBook friend Hillary Clinton: possibly the most connected lady on the planet.
Who suddenly realised Climate Change was nuclear fiction. And the ultimate vote loser.
I have not heard about Climate Change all week – but Global Warming vanished for 8 years. So geothermal water – a source of superheated steam. So carbon 0 power, with gold in.
A steam plasma tube, carbon 0 power, with no high insurance and no toxic solid waste. And cO2 at a pre-industrial 2ppm. And nuclear power the most criminal industry that has ever operated.
Totally illegal – and no chance of new plants. Every operating plant has to stop immediately – says the global lawyers. If that doesn't get me my PhD, fairly sure I don't want one.

Which would have got Sheffield so many students, from around the world.

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