Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Suzki do fusion

Well done Suzuki, I have been blogging about cars doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion for a month – which is why car engins give out X-rays, and produce He gas while working.
Tipeq from their research division (not real name) has been exchanging emails with me for 3 weeks. And they have only gone and done it! They apply a Ti metal plate to the cylinder doys, and cylinder heads. And they have reduce the fuel injection pressure by 55%.
And they have produce the world's first 4 door family car that does 130 mpg. While bombing up the motorway at 70 mph. They did the work in the UK. Maybe so they could get to me with no time lag.
So the question is, when will they roll it out? Maybe in the Munich Car Show. Or the London show http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/london-motor-show/91666/london-motor-show-2016-to-bring-major-car-shows-back-to-capital
There is a problem, that they will have to offer all present car models a cheap upgrade. And they still have stock cars to sell.

MY advice – get your own electroplate, and halve your fuel bill – for ever.

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