Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Struike yourself off

Ever registered Dr has pledged to be aware of, validate and tehn use beset midical practice. Then in 2002 the Moffitt showed High Intenstiy UltraSound cleared cancers at 1 appointment.
I have shown 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound is HIUS.
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Medics have a 8 w 3 MHz ultrasound unti in the nurses office, so every pratice nusrse can clear all 200 cancers out there – no need to see the GP.
GPs are aware, and have personally validateed the science. Biochemical treatmetns, radio and chemo therapies and surgery became defective medicine 2002.
The first biochemical presription etc. instantly revokes the Dr.s registration – they then have to leave medicine that day. Their medical insurance is invalid, and every day's medicine is medical malpractice.
They have top leave medicine for ever. They did not, so must return all wages paid them, and await criminal trial. For killing over 10,000 of tehir own patients: the worst and dearest death known to man.
No biochemical research is ethically allowed. So all biochemical researchers at cancer Research no longer Dr.s. Here is a list of the never again Dr.

Duncan Baird
Tackling telomeres – the long and short of it
Fran Balkwill
Developing new treatments for ovarian cancer
Andrew Biankin
Tailoring treatments for pancreatic cancer
Judith Bliss
Improving treatments for breast cancer
Carlos Caldas
Finding the faulty genes that drive breast cancer
Charles Coombes
Tackling drug-resistant breast cancer
Jack Cuzick
Nipping cancer in the bud
Johann de Bono
Tailored treatments for prostate cancer
Caroline Dive
Hunting cancer cells in the blood
Gerard Evan
Understanding a key cancer driver
Corinne Faivre-Finn
Improving treatments for lung cancer
Dean Fennell
Tackling hard-to-treat lung cancers
Margaret Frame
How does cancer spread and how can we stop it?
Mark Gaze
Tackling Neuroblastoma
Richard Gilbertson
Homing in on childhood brain tumours

Not one a Dr for 14 years = expelled from medicine.

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