Saturday, 30 July 2016

Stopping lung cancer

This makes up 80% of the cancers out there, that makes up 80% of the income to the health service: And is the major cause of medical death on this planet – totally avoidable.
We use a medically licensed 8 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage drive – like the below.

So for 30 UK pounds, we can stop all cancers, and cure all infections. To stop infections, apply to each side of the chest, throat and nose, when ever you feel an infection coming on. You will feel rough in 4 hours, totally better in 8.
No cancers, heart disease or diabetes.
For smokers we do the same, and every month apply it the the chest for ½ a minute each side. Apply it for ½ a minute each side of the head. And the first time, 1 minute to the liver.
The head and liver will clear addiction to class A drugs as well. Here we want High Intensity UltraSound to the head and liver, every other day for a month.
We should find the physical craving of tobacco to ease – but there is still the psychological addiction So we may have to repeat the HIUS when every we feel an infection coming on, and every month.
Smoking is a dirty, unpleasant and fatal addiction. I would recommend, use the HIUS to help you give up – more effferctive than nicotenne gum or patches. I will also clear vaping.
The health implications we are just beginning to learn. Don't be the pineal pig – give it up now. What is so wrong with life? I have never smoked, and have no need to.
Ladies should use HIUS on each bust fro 1 minute, 3 times. HIUS to the gut clears out defective cells – but the first time may give you the trots.
I cleared my step father of heart disease, but the GP insists on giving him statins – with no medical need. For which they get paid – contrary to the Hippocratic oath. Which demands the GP is struck off. Is this you? Treating a person who once had heart disease – and no more has raised blood pressure?

Do you want to leave medicine for ever – and pay damages?

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