Thursday, 14 July 2016

Powering a car

A 25x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres produces 600 kW from 5x10-18cc of regular water a year – every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike.
A 1.5km steam plasma that produces 2.5x1030 W of power. This is nature doing nuclear fusion on Earth – Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So once we start the plasma off with a jolt of power at 2,000 V 0.001 amps, it runs unpowered – until we reduce the plasma pressure, and the plasma collapses. Or alternatively, we connect to the mains, and sell our power to the grid. We meter the electric, and the national grid send us a cheque every month.
We are talking about 23,000 UK pounds. We we would ever bother working, I do not know.
So we turn the 600kW of heat into 100kW of electricity, using a small steam turbine. We have power electronics, that give us the required AC to power 4 motors of the wheels – while we power up a small battery. We have mains outlets throughout the car. Plug in a TV, or kettle.
We are going to produce a 4 door family car, with twice the performance of a Porche Boxter. Super cars will end up with 8 times the power, and will take to the air, as small helicopters – Back to the Future style.

No Fossil Fuels burn – Molecular Nuclear Fusion is 107 times more energetic. Just no filling stations, ever.

Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall

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