Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Non surgical removal of cataracts

I did this on my mother. We want 1 minute of 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound: HIUS again – from the below device.
This works, as the cataract is caused by a bacterial infection, laying down a protective opaque shield. To divide and grow, it must be over-inflated.
As we apply the HIUS, through closed eyelids, the bacterial cells fragments, and are cleared by the immune system.

HIUS through closed eyelids corrects for corneal scaring – like mine. I have now cleared my sight degradation, following a car accident.
HIUS will clear all cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Apply HIUS externally to the cancer for 1 minute – also the liver, plus ½ a minute to each arm pit and side of the head.
For heart disease we want HIUS to the top left of the chest and the kidneys for 1 minute – or until we feel warming.
HIUS for ½ a minute to the bottom right of the chest will clear all types of diabetes – though type 1 only remits after 3 days. The NHS has no launched a massive testing program, to find and medicate the missing diabetics: don't bother – they are cured.
These 3 illnesses make up 98% of NHS economic activity – so the taxpayer gets back 1200 billion a year.
HIUS applied externally will fix any organ. Included the kidneys or liver – no more dialysis. It will also clear scaring and wrinkles. And restore your hair.
Every Dr. read the paper on cancer 2002 – by the Moffitt cancer centre. The heart work was published 2012. And I published my diabetes work 2013. I also cleared late stage liver cancer, and 3 cases of breast cancer.
So every Dr has confirmed this work – they have a 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound device – designed for physiotherapist use: which is also HIUS.
So they are ethically prohibited by their Hippocratic oath, from prescribing biochemical treatments. All those that have, ceased to be Dr.s.
So must leave medicine for ever – returning all wages since they researched, taught or prescribed defective biochemical treatments.
Dr.s and consultants are the major cost of the NHS – and have pledged to leave medicine if they ever use defective medicine. They have, so must! The AMA and GMC will just confirm they have.

HIUS applied outsice the mouth, will clear tooth ache, and regrow missing teeth.

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