Tuesday, 5 July 2016

No new Trident

I was doing a PhD at Sheffield, and exploding high explosive in a tank of water will produce a mega-tonne explosion.
Just too big for terrorists! If the set one off in a populated area, every member of the group would be hunted down by the rest of the world an executed. The explosion in just too massive.
Even crashing a jumbo jet into a sky scraper was too big an act of terrorism, and every member of the group was hunted down and killed: by the country most restrained in its actions.
So high explosive in a tank of water produces a massive bomb. Experiments can be done with condemned ships in the Pacific ocean maybe – we are talking about a big bang.
So Teresa May wants new Trident, 500 years before the missiles have to be replaced. The high explosive idea can be done for around 250,000 pounds. A new Trident will cost 54.4 billion.
That money will pay for a lot of new hospitals and schools. So it is a colossal waste of money. The delivery system will cost 4 million per jet – but we already have those – already paid for.
So supporting a new Trident will probably ensure Teresa never become PM. The British people do not want it, and there is no need anyway.

Just be thankful Hitler never developed the technology – he was mad enough to use it. To get a working Molecular Nuclear Fusion bomb, will cost arounf 700,000 UK pounds – that is a lot of UK jobs.

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