Saturday, 2 July 2016

Never any man-made Global Warming

In the Jurassic, CO2 was at 4 parts per million in a warm phase. But there were 3 natrual ice-ages – with less photosynthesis. And CO2 was at 8ppm. One ice-age lasted 650 million years. Thee mineral record shows CO2 levels rose 4 years into the natural ice-age.
So CO2 is a climate follower – and its levels rise 4 years into a natural ice-age. Who ever thought of Global Warming did not know climatology or biology: professors of physics – trying to keep funding from nuclear power.

The natural weather started cooling in 1995 – and nuclear power only started pushing Climate Change in a naturally bad hurricane year – these things are on a natural cycle.
So we have had 21 years of cooling weather. We have seen more rain and floods – CO2 was meant to make stuff warmer and drier.
So all academic work on Global Warming stopped by 2004. As far as I know, no academic work on Climate Change has ever been done by a medic without serious mental health problems.
Modern photosynthesis limits CO2 to on l2ppm: so there never could be any Global Warming – as extra CO2 is metabolised back into biomass within 5 minutes. All the Fossil Fuels were active biology in prehistory.
Photosynthesis caps CO2 at 2ppm. It was higher in the little ice-age – back to a Jurassic 4ppm.
When there was 65% more life around the land and seas of the Earth. And sea levels were 60 meters lower. I told my PhD supervisor this in 2001, he ended my PhD. No work on Global Warming was done, and he is now banned from supervising PhDs.
But nuclear will not give up on the idea. They want politicians to tax CO2 emissions. There is a problem here. People would demand you take samples 5 km away from a plant. Where CO2 is a pre-industrial 2ppm CO2 in the air.
Hilary Clinton signed me up as a friend on FaceBook today – I wait to see what she makes of my stuff – which came out of my PhD work 2001.
My supervisor had a double first from Columbia – and could not believe it is true: he should re-read his High School biology notes. It is that simple.

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Nature caps CO2 at 2ppm. The scary graphs being published on the internet are just nuclear fiction by stooges. Who should not be in education.

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