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Making natural gas

Nature bubbles hot, pressurised water through carbon
1 C+H2O+E->CH4+O
How having free radical oxygen around methane is dangerous. But the O is carreid away in geothermal water, leaving gas pockets.
Instead we can use some chemistry
The Sabatier reaction or Sabatier process was discovered by the French chemist Paul Sabatier in the 1910s. It involves the reaction of hydrogen with carbon dioxide at elevated temperatures (optimally 300–400 °C) and pressures in the presence of a nickelcatalyst to produce methane and water. Optionally, ruthenium on alumina (aluminium oxide) makes a more efficient catalyst. It is described by the following exothermic reaction:

2 CO2 + 4H2 → CH4 + 2H2O + energy
H = −165.0 kJ/mol we burn some of the plant methane, to produce heat. Or use a steam plasma tube – than does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. And a 50x1cm steam plaasma tube will liberate a constant 2.4 MW of heat – from 10-17cc of regular water a year.
(some initial energy/heat is required to start the reaction)
So we do the electrolysis of water, to form H2 and O2 gases: the O2 has high commercial value. We chill pressurised air, and condense out CO2. The triple point of carbon dioxide occurs at a pressure of 5.2 atm (3952 torr) and 216.6 K (-56.4oC)
So we can get CO2 from the air. If we chill the air, the water comes out as ice at 0oC. The at -54oC, we get out our dry ice. So using the Sabatier reaction we bubble H gas through our CO2, and we get out unreacted H2, and methane – natural gas,
We use a semi-permeable membrane, and separate out our methane.
We have no mining! It works best in town. We use a Carnot system – as used to produce liquid oxygen.
But here we are after CO2, that we turn into methane. Nearly free natural gas – with no mining. No ecological problems.
At 1 atmospheres, methane burning in oxygen doe Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
3 CH4+4O2+TU->CO2+H2O++O3+E E=120kW from a 50x1cm seam plasma
So we get back our CO2 – which breaks down at 5.2 atm.
So no toxic waste! We pressurise the air, combine it with regular water and get back metyhane. It makes Quadrilla look very stupid, Making natural gas from CO2 in the air is 1/20th the price of mains natural gas.  PhD work - Sheffield University, department of engineering materials.

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

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