Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Land reclamation

All land on the Earth should be 50m below sea level. It is not, as the turbulent flow of water on the Earth's core does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TO->He+O+E2+X-ray
This nuclear fusion tops up the radioactive nature of the deep- or there would be no radioactive isotopes in the deep. The deep also produces He and O gases plus X-rays.
Ti and Pt metals catalyse this process. So we get twice as much Molecular Nuclear Fusion where there is an exposed ore deposit. Which is why Pt and Ti ores are mined in the deep. The importance of Ti was suggested at Sheffield University 1982.
So we can use thi8s! Where there is an area of land we want to raise up, we do not have to dump large stones and sand on the sea bed – like in Jersey or Hong Kong.
We use ground sonar to locate the river of geothermal water, that circles the world on the Earth's mantel.
This is between 10 and 34 meters below sea level. We can use this as a free boiler. As the water circulates at 8 bars, 250oC. So when we drill down to this water, we get up a stream of super heated water.
We pass through a Tyson dry cleaner, to remove the heavy metal dust – Au, Ag, Pt, Pb, Cu... It is an infinite source of free metal power. We must process into metal ingots.
There is 455 million tonnes of gold down there – man's mining has only yielded 2,000 tonnes of gold. 100 geothermal plants can produce that every year! Watch gold prices crash.
We can then drive a steam turbine – the power has as much value as the gold today. We enter the magma chamber from below, to get at the super heated water, as the steam will hold no gold etc..
To raise the sea, we locate the geothermal river, that slows even below the sea. We send down a slug of high explosive, to form our own magma chamber if we wish. It will be easier to locate than just the river.
We pump down TiO ore. And this breaks down into Ti and O. This doubles the Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and we get a bigger steam pocket forming above the water. This forces the land up!
So we can link Jersey with Normandy, fro 1% of the expense of dumping rocks on the sea bed. And it does not wash away. Even today, the mountains are forced up by this process.
So in Tibet, we could drill down to the magma chambers below the Himalayas. We could extract gold, and generate power. As we drop the Ballplayers.

Suddenly all of Tibet is a lush fertile area – with free gold and power – given by free Earth power. Why is this idea not done? It would make surrounding countries rise up, as the weight of Everest etc. was no longer pressing down.

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