Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Irrigate India

This is based on high school physics – every high school physics teacher on Earth know. We apply 1 atmosphere of pressure – 1m of vacuum head, and rise and sea water boils.
So we get pure art water vapour. We have a chain of such pumps, to pump the water inshore, or to holding reservoirs.
The UN might even give charitable donations to pump the water into the interior of the country. Rivers and wells will fill with water, and distribute the water through the country.
India makes cheap solar panels, so we can have a chain of solar driven vacuum pumps: cloud cover has no effect on the ultraviolet light, which drives the pump all day. It may be world raising accumulators during the day, which discharge and power the pump at night.
Rain is then incidental. We produce limitless fresh water during the dry summer months. India will grow plants all year – having 2 harvests.
It will such CO2 from the air – but biomass reduces CO2 to 2 parts per million in the afternoon. The pre-industrial level. The 0.00004% CO2 released by man's machines just increases plant groth.
There was 65% more active life in the Jurassic – before the mass extinction that killed the dinosaurs, and laid down the Fossil Fuels.
Burning the Fossil Fuels is a very slow way to restore life to the seas and lands of the Earth. Global Warming was fiction from nuclear power, designed to scare the science stupid.

Irrigate India – improve life on Earth.

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