Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Game over for nuclear power

Since Chernobyl every power plant on Earth has required insurance of 40 billion – 100 after Fukishima. No insurance over 1 billion is available.
So they put money into research bodies to study Global Warming – ingnoring biology, converting extra CO2 into biomass.
The natural world started cooling 1995 – hence Climate Change. Totally biologically spurious – as realised by any person without an untreated mental health problem.
No academic is allowed ot take research funding from a criminal organisation – so all the Global Warming funds go back, and all the chairs and PhDs are recinded.
Around the world, heavy rain doe Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O->E2+L+X-ray
Hence the heat and light flash illumination of heavy rain. Every 3 minutes we get a 1.5kn partial steam plasma that releases 2.5x1030W, as lightening even ibn the Arctic sir does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. At -20oC.
Nuclear power said the development of nuclear fusion on Earth was game over for nuclear power. Nature has been doing it for 3.8 billion years.
A 50x1cm steam plasma in a glass tuve uses a pulse of electricity at 2,000 V to initiate – use the electrics from a fluorescent light.
We earn and income of 3.6 million, and power 300 houses with carbon 0 power.

Nuclear power – game over.

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