Saturday, 2 July 2016

Free power

This all came out of my chemical engineering PhD at Sheffeild University UK – and my job in ultrasound during my masters.
Every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike. This turns regular water into He and O3,
1 H2O+O2+TU->He2++O32-+E2+X-ray TU=turbulence
So the turbulence of the rain or SNOW storm turn regulart water into 5 tonnes of helium gas, plus associated ozone. With releasing massive heat, light and X-rays. There si no chemical source of any: I have a masters degree in engineering, specialising in radiation.
So I did the calculation – and we are talknig about an energy release of 2.5x1030 W. So in 3 seconds have releases 1014 times as much energy as man has released – including via his nuclar bombs.
N bombs are interesting, as we use an atomic bomb in a tank of water to do nuclear fusion – doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Written for Hilary Clinton July 2016

So this teaches us a 50x1cm steam plasma in a glass tube will release a constant 1.2 MW of heat. So we can drive a boiler room, and it will generate 200 kW.
It will utilise 10-17cc of regular water every year. Adn produce no solid waste. We are actually doing H fission. Here come the equations:
2 H2O+TU->2H++O2++4e- -E so this draws in energy from the plasma
3 1H++e- ->n0 the hydrogen ions end up as neutrons
4 16O2++4n0+2e- ->8H++E the neutrons fission the heavy ions into Hs
5 xH++r n0 ->s n0+Er3+L+X-ray no solid radioactive waste
So the upshot is
6 H2O+TU ->Er3+L+X-ray
We we get carbon 0, massiveheat. From regular water. So my 50cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres produce 1.2MW of heat.
Houses have their own Molecular Nuclear Fusion plant ni an outbuilding, and produce 200 kW of free power. They heat and power the house – and have 190kW spare. They sell to the grid.
Get 2.8 million UK pounds as an annual income. The glass tube and steam plasma cost under $30,000. Adn pay back in the first month.
Then we produce the power for 60,000 power users. No CO2 – and no solid hyper toxic, radioactive waste.

No Fossil Fuels, and no enriched uranium used – or plutonium produced. Plutonium is the most toxic substance known to man.

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