Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Free gold

Companies in the print or dying industries have drilled down, to get at geothermal water for 20 years. The use the superheated water, then discharge it over cooling ponds.
They are unaware the ponds accumulate metal dust. They may be aware of the build up of arsenic – but generally leave the ponds alone.
They are totally unaware of the 40% gold content of the metal dust. We also get 20% platinum, and commercial sources of copper, silver and other heavy metals.
They may periodically dredged them out, and use them to fill deserted mine workings.
A commercial gold ore, is 1%! They are filling the mines up with 40% gold! So they need to get at the old metal dust, and sell it by weight to the metals companies. Who will purify it, into metal ingots. A bubble chamber will separate the dust by weight.
Then we use chemical processes, to separate out the metals. Minimal work needs to be done here.
And we get massive amounts of golf. 20 tonnes per plant. The work have only ever mined 2,000 tonnes of gold – most of it recently, and the gold mines have started extracting ores from the geothermal water.

What these companies need do, is pass the super heated water through a slight vent, and then a Dyson dry cleaner, which will extract the metal dust. Which we sell on to the metals industry – just too much gold.
We pass the clean steam through a turbine, and generate 20 kW – the power for the plant. We then use the steam as now, as a source of clean heat.

At the end of the cycle, we cool the steam on the cold end of a Carnot pump. We now get pure water – as we took out all the As and Pb. So it is a source of drinkable water.
The dying industry is a big user of water – here we give them free water.
We pressurise the Carnot gas, and cycle heat back to the inlet steam before the turbine. So we will heat up the steam by 240oC. So we double the power we generate – for 2kW of the generated power.
So the plant will sell excess power, and be a globally important source of gold metal. The Kruger mines will be financially excluded from gold extraction.

We are going to double the gold reserve the world have – 2000 tonnes every year! The total gold reserves today. The Earth has 455 million tonnes of gold we can now extract. No mining.

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