Thursday, 7 July 2016

Free Gold and Power

For 20 years, fabric and printing companies have use gweothermal water as a heat source: they drill down ony l10 meters, and gain access to an unlimited free source of super heated steam.
The geothermal steam comes up as pure water. So thuis is also a source of fresh water. But if they drilldown and entered the magma chamber from below, they would gain access to super heated water – with gold in.
They mau already have hti thi water, so they have missed the chance for unlimited free power. You pass this water through a Dyson dry cleaner – as you give the water a slight vent: from 250oC 8 bars water, to 240oC 7.8 bars steam.
It leaves behind te hehavy metals – 40% gold. A rich gold ore is 1% gold. Here we have no mining – the gold rops out of the steam. We collect and sell to metals compnies, to produce ingots: gold, platinum, silver etc..
So they may have bee nventing this dirty steam to a cooling pond. The Pb and As makes this water unusable.
By venting some of the pressure, we collect even these metals. So we may have been venting waer containing gold to a pond.
So e suck out the heavy metal power, and seperate the gold. This technology is used to Alaska to mine gold, from river sediments.

So the cooling ponds may contain billions of dollars in heavy metals. We are so going to undercut mined metals.
And we get 4 MW of carbon 0 power. A plant may need 20 kW. So we get 3.8 MW – at 3,000 UK pounds per KW year. 11.6 million UK pounds per plant.
If we have an existing bore hole, we force down a cylider with holes cut into the base. So we start extracting the ater, rather than the steam.
All these years we have an endless source of clean steam – ideal to generate power, and yet we bought the power from the grid.
The ideal country is Wales, wgere all the mountains sit on magma chanbers. We locate them using ground sonar, and set up a geothermal gold and power plant.

And sell the excess power to the UK. The peak district around Edale can supply sheffeild and Manchester. I learned about this science in the 1980s – at Sheffeild University.

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