Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Doubling car power

As I was taught at Sheffeild University 1986, burning petrol releases X-rays and produces He gas, as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
1 C12(H2O)26+26O2->(12CO2-E)+(26-r)(H2O)+r(He+O+E2)
And as we raise the pressure, r goes up! So we do more Molecular Nuclear Fusion. But we can use a Ti metal plate on the cylinder bodies and head. Also the worknig surfaces for a Weinkle engine.
This gives us the sme power for half the fuel burn. We turn down the supercharge pressure, and we get the same performance for half the fuel burn.
Half the CO2. And oxidising the C radical take in 75% of the Molecular Nuclear Fusion power. So a $200 electroplate halves the fuel burn for the life of the car.
This wroks for family cars, where we turn down the fuel injection system or carberetta. Fuel prices are very sensitive to petrol burn, so fuel costs will fall by 75%.
Saudi Arabia was losing $20 a barrel two weeks ago – pretty soon they will be losing $25 a barrel. Petrol will be 85 a litre at the pumps.
If car makers take this idea on, for $20 dollars, they produce the most fuel efficient cars in the world – and anialate the opposition. So within 6 months, they will all be doing it.
This also works for diesel cars - C16(H2O)34

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