Friday, 15 July 2016

Doctors delete themselves

Doctors promise to only use best medicine. They will not even research of teach defective medicine.
I feel sorriest fro Dr.s, who have been taught defective medicine - as this invalidates their Hippocratic oath – and them can never work in health systems around the world: to do so is medical malpractice.
This voids a Dr.s insurance – so they ar ebarred from working in medicine ever again. And yet they have continued to kill their own patients, using defective biochemistry.
Then in 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre applied High Intensity UltraSound to prostate cancer – and got a 1 appointee total cure. I have used it to clear 100% of the breast cancers for my friends – and inoperable liver cancer.
I have also applied it to the chest of spokes – and removed their smokers wheeze. ½ a minute to each side of the chest clears lung cancer – which is 80% of the cancers out there.
I use a 8 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device. For 1 minute – or until the patient feels warming. Ask any Dr. about HIUS – they all know about and have validated its effectiveness – at totally clearing cancers at one appointment.
And yet they have continued with biochemistry, radio and chemo therapy and surgery: even killing out the eulogy at the former patients funerals. These are evil twisted people – who knew HIUS would have totally cleared the cancer at 1 appointment. This is the worst, sub-human behaviour I have ever heard of.
In 2002 every registered Dr had to read and validate the Moffitt work – or they instantly ceased to be Dr.s. Which is why no Dr has ever said 'I did know about HIUS' – because it was medically published.
To plead ignorance was to instantly dismiss your self from medicine. All the academic medics who continues to research biochemistry – ceased to be Dr.s. They must leave medicine for life – and return all wage going back to 2002.
Yet Dr.s didn't then use HIUS – the best medicine for cancer. So deleted themselves from the medical register. They also ceased to be Dr.s, and must return all wages and delete all papers and published material.
Patents based on their work – invalid. But biochemical patents are designed only to protect the best medicine.
Super ceased drugs are out of pater. And now HIUS has voided all biochemical patents.
Drug companies are bound by the Hippocratic oath, so are prohibited from making or selling biochemical drugs, going back 14 years. All must shut down and leave medicine.
They have avoidable killed 400 million people – 10 million per individual. The total legal fine is 3 times the economic worth of the planet.
Each GP owes 10 billion in fines, and as a 10,000 year jail sentence to serve. Hospitals have killed 230,000 patients – 10 million per individual.

It turns out Dr.s are the least ethical mass murderers of history – you are still killing. Quite possible you/

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