Monday, 11 July 2016

Curing cancer 2002

I suggested the idea of high power ultrasound being a novel treatment for cancer in 2001, on my PhD. SU has a great medical school, who would have happily tried out my idea – probably using 150 W 40 kHz.
The following year the Moffitt cancer centre published a 100 patient double blind trial – presumably in Nature Immunology: I am sorry I missed the article. My then girlfriend got it intermittently.
In 2010 I was at Hope hospital – and read a charity cancer magazine. On High Intensity Ultrasound curing cancer. At this juncture it would have made sense for me to do work on this chemical engineering idea – at Salford University.
Will Zimmerman remained silent obn this issue. When I saw him 2015, he said he had not even heard of Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which I had been blogging about for 8 years – prof Argent even modified the name from Molecular Fusion to Molecular Nuclear Fusion to be less confusing.
I told Sheffield about Molecular Fusion in 2001 – 4 days later they ended my PhD.
I did piratical work using a 150 W 40 kHz ultrasonic massage device to clear infections, cancers, heart disease, NS, Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia, Parkinson's and diabetes. My church heath group was about heart disease.
All the structures causing these problems have an inflated structure – in order to divide and grow in a viral manner, or induce the B cells to copy the bacterial cell genome.
So since 2001 medics have applied defective biochemistry to cancers etc., and killed a ¼ of a billion of their patients.
They are not allowed to research, teach, prescribe or apply defective treatments. And biochemical treatments, chemo and radio therapies and surgery are all defective. To do so expels the medic from the register of Dr.s.
Voiding their health insurance. Every day's medical service is then medical malpractice. Every patient killed sentences them to 25 years in jail, and a legal fine of 10 million.
As GPs have each killed 10,000 patients, the fine is measured in 100s of billion. And their jail sentences in the 10 of millennia in jail.
This is the most serious criminality in history. And the killing goes on. Each GP no has no medical insurance, and must leave medicine 14 years ago. All wages paid to them since then must be repaid.
All medical academics have continued to research biochemical treatments – so the same expulsion and return of wages applies. Including every medic at Cambridge or Harvard.
Every medic who has graduated in the last 14 years is stripped of their medical degree – and could never work in medicine. They certainly can't work there now.
Every person with a viral or bacterial infection, can apply HIUS for 30 seconds, with the bellow device, and start getting better in 4 hours – and fully better in 8. Use it as you go to bed, and you will get up healed.
Product Details
And you will stop all cancers, heart disease, diabetes or mental health problems. Also asthma, arthritis, IBS and the other diseases of age. No need to see a GP – who will all be in jail anyway.
All biochemical drug companies are bound by the Hippocratic oath – they violated 14 years ago. Expelled from medicine, owing 10 million for every patient they knowingly killed.

All their researchers to die bankrupted in jail.

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