Thursday, 28 July 2016

Consultants are defective

Dr.s are retiring in massive numbers, as they realise medicine makes no money. Without biochemical royalties, medicine makes no money.
Lawyers have stopped the royalties – as it is basic conflict of interest: pay doctors to dispense defective medicine.
When the Moffitt cancer centre applied High Intensity Ultrasound to cancer 2002, they produced a 1 appointment total cancer CURE: biochemical treatments were now defective medicine.
In my direct experience the ultrasound from a 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device is effective HIUS. Clearing all cancers in under 1 minute. Consultants verified HIUS cleared all cancers 2002. Biochemical treatments were now murder.

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For soft-body cancers and HIV, apply the HIUS to the lungs for 1 minute. The rapidly dividing cells must be over inflated, and fragment under HIUS – leaving body cells unharmed.
A 1 appointment total cure to cancer – this removes 80% of Dr income. So they retire! Having killed 10,000 of their patients – 25 years in jail for each such death. And a total fine of 10 billion.
So consultants stepped in, to apply medicine they were taught 40 years ago in med school: the now defective biochemical treatments. Now globally prohibited.
In the last 14 years they have accounted fro 15,000 deaths each – the biggest killers in history.
Their first biochemical prescription post 2002 saw them cease to be registered Dr.s. Every days medical service medical malpractice!
They have each amassed fine of 15 billion, and are prohibited, for the last 14 years from working in medicine: The NHS should bar the doors to them, and never let them enter a hospital every again – they are mass killers. Then it is over to the lawyers, to sentence them to in excess of 10,000 years each in jail, And the fine – which is far in excess of their insurance.
The insurance is interesting: using defective medicine invalidates their insurance – and ensures they are barred from practising medicine.

So the NHS has no Dr.s or consultants, and can use no biochemical treatments.

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