Thursday, 7 July 2016

Cancer rates are falling

Cancer Research publish graphs proclaming cncer rates are rising – showing them falling. The graphs stop 2009 – or today I got one for 2012. Showing all cancer rates falling nicely.
In the UK we have Astra Zenca and every Dr trying to use defective biochemistry. Otherwise all cancers would be cured.
Cancer surgery is also defective medicine – so no surgeon can ethically do it – and no Dr arrange it.
So external application of an ultrasonic massaeg devcie will clear all cancers.
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So cancer has been cured – so there si no point giving money to cancer research: and no Dr can ethically do such research either – or they cease to be a registered Dr, and face multiple counts for 1st degree murder. They are instantly expelled from medicine 14 years ago.
Every Dr has the suitable device in the nursing office.  Unused.  They prescribe fatal biochemistry.At great expense – killing you in 2 years. HIUS cures 1 appointment.

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