Monday, 18 July 2016

0 Carbon house

We build a house, where the cellar houses a 50x1cm steam plasma, at 4 atmospheres pressure. This will generate 1.2 MW of heat – as demonstrated by lightening strikes.
Here a 1.5km lightening strike makes 5 tonnes of Helium ions. Which tells us that our steam plasma will resale 1.2 MW of heat. You could argue that a concentrated steam plasma releases 10 times as much heat.

I am an engineer, so going on a low estimate of the heat seems to be a good conservative number.
We drive a steam cycle, and generate at least 120kW of carbon 0 power.
1 H2O+TU->E2+L+X-rays
The water goes into ions and electrons. The hydrogen and electrons form neutrons,
2 p+.x n0+e- ->(x+1)n0
They neutrons cause the O ions to fission, ending up as 8 Hydrogen ions – which fission into heat light and X-rays. 1012 W of power for every H ions. The O fission chain will consume heat, so 1 H ion a second will drive a 100 MW power plant. They are 10-12m3 in size. A mill-millmeter.
Albert Einstein was staggered at the energy release from one atom E=mc2 . That is the speed of light squared. But he doubted we could ever unwrap an atom.

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Then it was found neutrons could do that. And uranium started a chain reaction – hence the bomb.
A far better idea is a H plasma – like around ever sun. But it liberate too much heat. A steam plasma is a diluted H plasma. And nature did the experiments for us.
There is a lightening strike every 3 minutes – mature doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. The biggest energy source on Earth.
No CO2, or toxic radioactive waste. A steam plasma only releases massive heat, with a little light and X-rays. Burning Fossil Fuels does a little Molecular Nuclear Fusion – and releases heat, light and X-rays.
A steam engine takes in steam at 280oC. The turbulence results in the fire tube reaching 3000oC – it does not melt cue to the presence of water. Carrying the heat away.
So a steam plasma is a strip of sun material, in a glass tube. It takes a pulse of electricity at 2,000 V, to spark it off – use the started electrics from a fluorescent light. Once started it will self sustain.
We take off 12kW from the 120kW, and run a Carnot system, to cool the steam and return the heat to the boiler room.
In 5 minutes we are generating 1 mW. The national grid will pay 3,000 for 1kW year of power. So we will get an annual ichneumon of 300 million (The figures say 3000 – but I can't believe it).
So the UK wants 44 Global Warming of power. 44,000 such plants. There are 35 million house holds. So some house holds want a 1mx1cm steam plasma plant, and we produce carbon free power: with no uranium fission. No Fossil Fuels burn.
And each such plant will pay a life times income in 3 months. Trouble will be. Spending it. So people around Drax can easily out perform the plant, in 6 months. Every nuclear plant will be shut down – on to a safe future, with basically free power.

And Saudi Arabia will be sat on a pool of oil, it will never sell.

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