Sunday, 19 June 2016

Wetting Africa

This also works for the deserts around the world. We boil off sea or river water, using reduced pressure. These are cheap and easy to produce – we use a solar powered vacuum pump.
Just 1m of vacuum makes sea water boil. And we then transport the water vapour inshore – to the high lands. Went we finally vent the water vapour, the environment receives heat, and fresh water.
Water vpour ony lwants 1/1000th of the pumpin g of liquid water. High volumes of low pumping power.
No longer are we dependant on rain fall! So places like North Chilli can become lush and green. Africa is in a permanent wet season.

Seasonal rains are a bystander.Remember, plants cap free CO2 at onyl 2 parts per million - the pre-industrial level.
A static trace gas affects nothing: only morons funded by nuclear power talk about man-made Climate Change as if it was real.

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