Thursday, 9 June 2016

Welsh gold

Prince Charles own all gold reserves in Wales – but he does not own the gold dissolved in water. And gold is soluble in high pressure and temperature water.
The gothermal river that circle the Earth, collects in Magma pockets – and as the water boils, forms steam pockets and pushes the land above the sea.
So to raise land that is sinking, we detect this river, and drill down to it. We first set off high explosive to form and artificial magma chanber.
We then inject TiO – and we double the Molecular Nuclear Fusion nature is doing – this is why the deep is so hot, and has pressurised water, plus He and O gases.
1 H2O+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray
So this process have forcd the land above the sea. We can inject TiO, to raise mountains today.
But in Whales, we are really interested in the liquid water at the bottom of magma chambers: we can use ground sonar, to locate and use fluid filled natural magma chambers.
The water is at 250oC, 8 atmospheres/bars. And it is loaded with heavy metals – gold, silver, copper, platinum, iron …
40% gold. Only 8% platinum. A very rich gold source is 1% gold, 99% rock.
So we giveteh liuid water a small vent to 240oC 7.8 bar. It boils. WE pass it throguh a ruggardised Dyson dry cleaner, and extract the matls – we sell to metals companies to convert into ingots.
Man is very happy recycling all his gold. The Krgugger mibnesaer extracting a historically low amount of fresh ore.
Suddenly we are producing 50,000 tonnes of gold a year. And the world centre for this si Whales. Followed by California. And no doubt the Chiunese will be massive gold producers.
We then pass the clean steam through a tubine, and produce carbon 0, free power. No CO2 or hyper toxic uranium fission. We use clean Earth power – and get free gold.

This article is dedicated to Sylvia Roberts – at Sheffeild University 1984? You know who you are. Hope you are well, and no doubt still doing law.

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