Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Water for Saudi Arabia

At night the power stations carry on working, with no demand. AS it is cheaper than restarting the plant every morning.
During the day a solar panel with gives loads of free electricity.
We drive a vacuum pump – exerting 1m of vacuum on sea water. It boils – losing all salts and contaminants.
The brine sinks out of the column, to be replace by new sea water. We transfer the water to local reservoirs. We now have limitless fresh water.
We might actually process the brine, into fresh water and salt. As salt is entail to life.
We set up irrigation system, and transform what is now desert into lush arable areas. In the days of the Roman empire Arabia fed Rome.
We will suck loads of CO2 from the air. But even today photosynthesis on land and sea, limits free CO2 at 2 part per million. Expect over the Arctics, where CO2 reaches 4ppm.

Any person who is unaware of this high school biology is a dangerous idiot in the pay of nuclear power.

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