Sunday, 26 June 2016

Ultimate cutting tool – a H plasma

In a H plasma the hydrogen is reduced to H ions and electrons
1 H2->2(H++e-)
This combine to form neutrons
2 H++e- ->n0
These convert other matter in a file of dust – as we vent the plasma gas.
3 22Ti+4n0 ->2Na++n0->4(Be3++alpha)->8He alpha=alpha particle
This will cut diamond
4 6C+3n0 ->2Li+->6H+
No cutting tool. The venting plasma gas will cut toughened steel in 20 seconds – leaving a pile of dust, and a puff of gas.
To make the device, you need a glass tube and the electronics from a fluorescent light. The device will eat itself within 2 minutes – time for another glass tube.
If we strike up a steam plasma, we also see plasma burn
5 16O2-+4n0 ->8H++6e-
6 H++p+.n0 H++n0 ->E3+2n0
Near infinite clean, free energy. No radioactive waste. And we use 10-17 of regular water to produce a constant 200kW of power. From a constant 1.2MW of heat.
Sorry got my numbers wrong only 400,000 UK pounds annual income. 2 1m steam plasma tubes will give us 1.6 million.
No conventional or nuclear power – we do clean Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Once started, the plasma self-sustaining at 4 atmospheres – reuse the electrics to start other plasmas.
 2 1m x2cm steam plasmas – 3.2 millon a year. Totally legal, massive money.

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