Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tony Blair – the criminal

He took us to war in Iraq, on the basis of a bad intelligence report. He has access to the bet independent reports – but ignored them in favour of a biased military report. Which has led to the break down of law and order in the middle East.
This document is why own informed opinion – I am open to argument. But I am informed.  His actions have led to the deaths of 179 British soldiers. See
Who were mostly killed by bombs penetrating military cars with too little armour. Then he gets to be a peace envoy to the middle East – where 15,000 people have died directly through his actions (I am guessing at the number here)
Margaret Thatcher did not privatise British Nuclear – that was a privatisation too far: as when nuclear was privatised, it ceased to be legal.
Each nuclear plat requires insurance of 100 billion – after Fukishima in 2010. Even after Chernobyl, it required 40 times the level of insurance available.
The power station regulator has the legal power to withhold an operating license to any new plant with insufficient insurance.
And issue immediate stop orders on any operating nuclear plant, that ceases to have valid insurance. So should have issue stop orders 2012.
The regulator did not, because like Tony Blair government, appears to have been bought off. The regulator is under legal control – and should have issued immediate stop orders.
Why didn't it? I looks a lot like the biggest corporate crime in history. Every plant manager and the management of EDF end up with 25 years in jail, for all 200 plant. 5,000 years in jail.
A fine of 2 billion. For every year of illegal operation. So 20 millennia in jail each.
Tony Blair was the head poncho, So what will his fine be? 4 billion seems a reasonable figure.
So Tony Blair is the greatest war criminal since the Kumar Rouge. And the killing field of South Vietnam.
And every operating nuclear plant gets issue with immediate stop orders tomorrow. 1 day before the commemoration of the battle of the Somme.

His wife will have told him he was contravening the Human Rights of every person alive in Britain. 'Don't worry dear' he replied 'nuclear power will ensure they are not alive much longer'.

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