Sunday, 5 June 2016

Time travel

Time travel
is problematic. If you change anything on your time line, you never existed. So we get on a space ship, and use using fusion jets to reach Earth orbit.
Antimatter travels in the opposite time direction to us. Matter rushes together to form a radiant star. The antimatter clusters around, and focuses the incoming light to a point, where H gas is formed from the light.
Gradually the heavy elements beak down, until we have a massive young star. Suddenly the fusion stops, the antimatter ruses in. It bonds with matter to form energy, which blasts the H gas into the surrounding area – where it form a mist.
The antimatter is attracted to matter, but repulses by itself and light. So each radiant star is surrounded by a mist of antimatter. As light travels through the interstellar mist of antimatter, it gets a red shift.
So the further you look through space the more red shift you see – the universe is not expanding. Or we would also see blue shifts, as stuff came towards us. We don't. The universe is not expanding.
But in the interstellar mist, time reverses. So the antimatter focuses light on stars, that grow and grow, as they get more H gas. Until they go unstable.
Luckily we can shoot protons at metal – which ejects an anti proton, Which moves backward in time, until it annihilates with matter.
In ouster space there is little matter – so we can surround a craft with antimatter and detach it from the time frame. Antimatter drags that time frame backwards, but gravitational fields operate outside time, and can be used to drag the localized time frame backwards at fantastic anti-time rates. Vacuum would allow a static time-machine to move through time – but outerspace is free of obstacles.
That is why 'UFOs' seem to operate outside of bulk time. The trick of time travel was devised by accident in physics laboratories. So we fly into Earth orbit, surround ourselves in and go time-travelling. Dominant pleasure activity of the future. We then surround the ship with antimatter. And time is unlocked.
See for details. We actually use a super cooled gallium semiconductor – but that science will not be done for 200 years – the advantages of having a time machine.

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
But as you travel back through time, it is unwritten. So John Majors fantastic landslide election victory, got deleted. And waits for a new time traveller to re-write it.
Jesus was given an anaesthetist, then apparently stabbed in the side – standard magic. Then revived in the tomb, Where we were ready to whisk him to China, and out of most recorded history.
Tarik just called in to remind me, anaesthetics were not developed for another 18 century. Or magic for that matter. So Son of Gad, or time traveller – pretty much the same thing.
Or he was the God of job. Millions believe it, so it is probably true. And my memory was just a drug induced dream. All written up in all translations of the Bibble. Sorry, Bible.
You would not believe the drugs they invent in the future. Just enjoy when they are here. Harmless, non addictive and very cheap. Rather takes the fun out of it.
We were looking at varying the antimatter mist. We were looking at using anti protons to shoot us back in time 100 years for every year. Which put Jesus out of reach. So it looked like time travel was one way.
And dangerous, if you changed stuff, you blinked out of existence on the journey. So a full crew was only 2 people – the other 18 never existed.
This is inconvenient in a game of bridge. At the end of the game you were playing solitaire.
Then we came into the lab, and found we had written a 20 PAGE REFERENCCED DOCUMENT OVER NIGHT.
The super conducting field we used to deflect the radiation down the centre of the space ship, could flip us forward or back.
The polarity deterrence if we travelled back – now 1000 years for ever 1. Or forward by the same amount. The antimatter detached us from the bulk time frame. The magnetic field determined our relative time speed.
Put simply, we could go back or forwards in time with amazing speed.
Only snag is, it still is a black art. It is only accurate to 5 years. So I landed in the holy land with my anaesthetic soaked rag, to find the early church was being set up. I then managed to get 2 years before Jesus' rustication – and saw his miracle road show: what a performer – sorry, son of God.
The Earth's magnetic field protects multi celled life from solar radiation, we need a magnetic shield to protect against our time radiation field.
The greatest snag is, time changes. We shift the time line – hence time travellers never existed. If you bet on races, the result will be different.
4/1 on, 25% of the races are different. So you make no money – accumulators – do us a favour. Then we get to John Major – sorry about that one. At least nobody vanished.
So I am slightly relieved still to be writing this – nobody else has messed with out time line. We hang out on the far side of the Moon, and come and watch. We can't even land.
Luckily the UFO sightings are on record – and do not change stuff.
So if I see you last week, great me with 'I hope to see you again, some time'. You may be right. Why am I writing this? The Time Travel Consortium have Face Booked me to congratulate me on my election – in 12 years time.
So any day now – I never existed.
This is fiction, for my latest vidoe shork – but you knew that. Obviously, the science is right, just arranged in a novel form.

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