Monday, 27 June 2016

The petroless car

Is easy to make! Burning Fossil Fuels if the first way we used to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion – without realising it.
1 Cm(H2O)n+pO2->(mCO2-E)+(n-r)(He+O3+E3+X-ray+L)
So oxidising the carbon radical take in energy – something that troubled me when I was told it at Sheffield University 1983. Burning Fossil Fuels also produces He, prone, X-rays and visible light.
They are all the end products of nuclear fission and fusion. And the amount of 13C we have is totally minuscule. It is the burning that produces them.
I was back at Sheffield in 2000, and the cold fusion work was out – but I had known that electrolysis sets off nuclear fusion in the 1980s – could not understand it though.
They way to double r, and more than double the power, is Ti plate the engine of boiler plate. So we halve the amount of Fossil Fuels we burn – but we can do better.
Lightening produces X-rays, and 5 tonnes of He, from regular water. There is no chemical source of He, and no source of nuclear fission – so we are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So does the chaotic interaction of rain drops.
2 H2O+TU->He2++O2++4e-+E2+X-ray
There are those X-rays again – as written up by geography, about natural rain. And we get ions. The positive charge collects above the cloud layer, and negative charge falls to the ground.
At 5,000 V we have a lightening up strike from the could layer, to collect the positive charge. Then we get a 1.5kn partial steam plasma – which takes ½ MW to set up.
At this stage my PhD got pulled – science education depends on the finances from nuclear power – to study Global Warming: though the world had been cooling for 5 years.
2005 was a naturally bad hurricane year – such things are cyclical. And natural. Nuclear Power started promoting Climate Change. And all they bad academics that had researched Global Warming, moved on mass to Climate Change.
Rubbish! Photosynthesis on the land and seas limits free CO2 in the air at 2 parts per million. Burning the Fossil Fuels has increased active life on Earth – not affected the trace level of CO2 in the air.
Plants grow down to 2ppm CO2 in the air – the limit is fixed. Though in the Jurassic the number was 4ppm – photosynthesis was less evolved. Plants were not so good at dumping free radical O into the air.
3 mCO2+(n+rf)H2OsO2->Cm(H2O)n+r(He2++O2-+E2+X-ray) back to Molecular Nuclear Fusion!
So burning the Fossil Fuels resurrects life that died in prehistory, into the modern environment. The Jurassic had 65% more life than we have today. There is no upper limit to life on Earth – except lack of CO2.
Sea levels were 60 meters lower. CO2 was at 4ppm – and we had 3 ice-ages. One lasting 650 million years – with CO2 at 8 parts per million.
CO2 doubles from the limit set by photosynthesis – as snow covers the land, and ice the seas. So colder weather, more CO2 in the air. Not possible during a temperate period – where global photosynthesis caps CO2.
Something nuclear power did not know, as they concocted Global Warming. And Climate Change is just Global Warming fro a cooling world – nuclear power also needs a new dictionary.
So all the reporters writing copy on Climate Change, are writing unpaid PR fiction for nuclear power. These people need to be expelled from the media.
Global Warming was concocted after Chernobyl in 1986. So all copy after this was unpaid PR. All monies should be repaid to the news papers, and the reporters expelled from ever working again.
People in education were well aware of the carbon CYCLE, and realised they were writing paid nuclear PR. They also need to be expelled from education – returning all wages paid while they were working for nuclear power.
So nature does not burn fuel. It uses the turbulent flow of steam or high pressure water to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion – and power major events like Earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.
The way to stop Earth quakes, like the next Big One in California, Is to use ground sonar, to locate magma chambers, filled with super heated water and steam.
We drill down and enter from below – so we extract superheated water: which contains a limit concentration of the heavy metals like gold and platinum. We will get 40% gold – 40 times the richest gold deposit. With no mining.
We pass it through a Dyson double flow inverter, and extra the metals as a power. We sell on to metals companies to process into ingots. Just far too much gold. Which will have less value than lead.
We drive a steam turbine, and turn the waste heat of the Earth's interior into carbon 0 power. The water that flows around the Earth under pressure does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Hence the geothermal water powers volcanoes – as it vents as turbulent steam. So endless free power. You want more power? Locate the river of water, drill down and set off high explosive – to create an artificial magma chamber.
Then extract the gold laden super heated water – and generate free carbon 0 power. No Fossil Fuels burn. No boiler room. And no carbon – leave that up to biology. Just use the Molecular Nuclear Fusion nature does for free in the deep.
No gas. Oil or coal burn. Also no desire to do hyper-toxic nuclear fission from enriched Uranium.
After Fukishima every nuclear plant needs independent insurance of 100 billion. You can't carry the insurance in house, or the first incident and nuclear power files for bankruptcy – and dodges the expense of its toxic nature.
They carry only 50 million per plant – 0.5% of the required number. Finding it cheaper to buy off their regulators.
This is the biggest criminality in history – and still gong on. Molecular Nuclear Fusion stops will one tap of a hammer on the steam plasma tube. So no insurance required.

So every EDF plant totally illegal. Every academic who has taken Climate Change funding, must be expelled from education in 1986.
 A 25x1cm steam plasma generates 600kW at 4 atmospheres: scaled down from the 2.5x1030 W produced by a 1.5km lightening bolt. That makes 2.5x1030 W, as it generates 5 tonnes of He. From H2O.
This will make 100kW via a samll turbnie – enough for a hypersonic helicopter. From 5x10-17 of regular water a year. Too small a volume to measure. With no CO2.

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