Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Stop nuclear!

When I met the power station regulator in 1984, he told me they had the legal IMPERATIVE to stop any power plant with insufficient insurance. Two years later Ukrainian nuclear experienced Chernobyl.
The required insurance was now 40 billion: but there is no commercial insurance above 1 billion – and the nuclear operator has to use 3rd party insurance.
The regulator did not act – nuclear power bought them off, over the last 30 years. After Fukishima the required insurance rose to 100 billion.
The House of Lords had legal supremacy – and can issue immediate stop orders. Before the 20 operating nuclear plants in the UK melt down, making this country uninhabitable for 100,000 years.
The failure of the regulator to issue immediate stop orders, even after 30 years, is the biggest corporate crime in history.
Sentencing every plant manager and regulator to 25 years in jail – with no parole. And fining British Nuclear to a total fine of 2.4 trillion: a fine now levied on the Chinese owners – who must act to shut down all operating nuclear plants.
Plants take in all extra CO2, down to 2 parts per million. So Global Warming and Climate Change were total nuclear fiction – to scare the science stupid.

Global CO2 has been static at 2ppm since before industry.

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