Saturday, 4 June 2016

Pure water

Evaporation purifies water – but we can use low pressure, rather than high temperatures. 1m of vacuum will even cause ice to form water vapour. Losing all salts and contaminates.
And low pressures are cheap and easy to form. In hot countries we use a solar powered vacuum pump. In cold counties we use a little wind turbine. Backed up by a mains tap.
So in the Arctic we add snow to an ice reservoir. There are high winds – so a turbine will provide all the power we need, to run the vacuum system, and provide free power to a group of people: we charge up batteries, to carry us through a calm period.
We can also use a steam plasma tube, where a 4 atmosphere 50x1cm steam plasma will provide a constant 1.2 MW. We generate 200 kW, and use the exit steam to heat and melt our ice.
The ice forms from natural rainfall, and also from melting and refreezing sea water – it loses the salt, as cold brine sinks, carrying the salt with it – and leaving pure water.
So we have a system that provides free carbon 0 power – with an infinite source of heat for melting snow.

In America there is a problem with well water having Pb and As in. But we can simply sort this out.
We drill down to below a magma chamber, and get up super heated water at 250oC, and 8 atmospheres. We vent it to steam at 240oC and 7.8 atmospheres. We now pass it through a Dyson dry cleaner system.
As the steam flows through two flow inverters, all the solids collect. We get Au, Ag, Pt, Cu, As, Pb and potentially salts – is the well runs sour.
We sell the dust onto metals companies. We get 40% Au – a rich gold source is 1% gold. So we produce so many gold ingots. Also silver, platinum and copper – all the heavy metals.
The As and Pb we wrap in polythene, and bury in deep, unused wine workings.
 So we get pure steam at 240oC and 7.8 bar. We then super heat, to get up to 740oC, 6.5 bar. We then power a small steam turbine, and get my 200 kW of power. At mains frequency and voltage.
We phase lock the power – stand by generators have the electrics all ready. See
We drive a Carnot heat pump, and we condense the steam on the cold end – down t o90oC, and loop the water around. The hot end forms my super heat fire tubes, we use to heat up the entry steam.
Some of the water, we send out to a radiator, and get our pure fresh water. Technically it is desalinated – ideal for agriculture.
This idea will stop global droughts. We get limitless gold and power – all for the price of one drill hole, and the steam turbine.
We can produce as much fresh water as we can sell – in Saudi Arabia fresh water is dearer than oil. The Saudis can use this idea to irrigate the deserts, and return them to the lush fertile area they were in the days of the Roman empire.

So free, carbon 0 power. No hyper-toxic radioactive waste. But the steam plasma tube provides that anyway. No Fossil Fuels burn.

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