Thursday, 16 June 2016

Nuclear is nationalised

Since Chernobyl, each nuclear plant requires insurance of 40 billion: no such insurance is available – so they make do with 50 million. In every country the legal oversight had the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders. They didn't5.
Nuclear power used its academic stooges to convince the world CO2 levels in the air were rising. With 4 trillion organisms doing photosynthesis – this was not possible. A volcanic eruption is often accompanied by CO2 release – and we see a massive growth spurt of plants after the eruption.
Usually the CO2 from Fossil Fuels burning is converted back into plant bio-mass within 5 minutes. Sucking the gas from the air. CO2 levels are higiher naturally above the Arctics or during an ice-age – where there is less photosynthesis.
So cO12 follows the wax and wane of plants, which follows the weather. CO2 levels rise in a natural ice-age. If CO2 did warm the air, there never could be an ice-age.
Just stupid nuclear fiction.
So each PWR requires insurance of 100 billion – but no insurance above 1 billion is available. So the top lawyers have to issue immediate stop orders on commercial uranium nuclear plants around the world.
The only way around this is for national governments to nationalise nuclear power. Fetishism has permanently bankrupted the second richest country on Earth! National governments just can't afford it.
EDF can't afford to construct nuclear plants, so acts as part of a consortium. But no nuclear plant could ever start up, unless it was nationalised. Which would require national consent – which it will never get.
More importantly for the investors, is that all the assets of the plant would be taken over by the government – the assets of the consortium would vanish into government hands.
The investors would lose 100% of their assets – but also all liabilities for storage of the hyper-toxic waste. Storing waste for 100,000 years have never been costed. I put it at 12 UK pounds per kW hour of power generated. I may be 50,000 UK pounds.
And with global dosimeter, the storage of fuel grade radioactive waste, idea for a dirty bomb is going to take the skill of 80% of the nations police – for 50 times the total time man's civilizations have existed.
So the investors have lost everything. It is highly unlikely any new nuclear plant will very get a valid operating license.
I would call it a money pit – but really it is a money black hole – and they don't even exist. Nuclear power has no future – which leaves us with the problem of shutting down existing plants, and dealing with the waste.

I started blogging ABOUT THIS TODAY, AND THE EDF Facebook SITE WENT DOWN IN 10 MINUTES. The company has no share price. No nuclear plant can legally operate anywhere around the world.
This is July 16th.  The share price today is €10.68
17:51 16/06/16
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