Thursday, 30 June 2016

Nuclear Hillary

Here in the UK Tony Blair launched the Iraq war, on intelligence he knew was bad. He had access to the best intelligence, but we with the bad report, that allowed him to go to war and destabilise the Middle East.

He gave British soldiers insufficient protection in light transports – and 179 of them died through improvised explosive devices.
179 British soldiers died. The going rate is 10 million for each avoidable homicide. 1790 million. The cost levied on his Labour party.
He also privatised British Nuclear. Instantly ensuring all 26 British nuclear stations had sufficient legal insurance. The power station regulator had the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders of the day of privatisation.
So nuclear power bought off its regulator, and got its academic stooges to think up Global Warming. This is biologically stupid. Plants on the land and seas metabolise CO2 down to 2 parts per million.
So active life on Earth has increased by 15% since 1880, but free CO2 is limited to 2ppm. Except over the Arctics, where it is 4ppm.
In the desert regions, life in the seas caps free CO2 at 2ppm. A level which only rises in natural ice-ages.
The world warmed naturally until 1995. So for the next decade nuclear stooges were still working on Global Warming, until a naturally naturally bad hurricane year let nuclear promote Climate Change. As if it was Global Warming.
The natural climate change we are seeing is cooling and calmer weather, with more rain. The exact opposite of Global Warming.
With a pre-industrial 2ppm CO2 in the air.
Tony Blair retires – and no has 60 million in the bank. Which he did not have as PM. Margaret Thatcher died with only 10 million in the bank.
A far more important PM, who did the after dinner talk rounds. So Tony Blair allowed an illegal privatisation of the more toxic industry that will ever exist, and 9 years later, has a 60 million fortune in the bank.
The most corrupt PM in UK history – and a war criminal? The lawyers will decide. Just my opinion, and I am just a PhD chemical engineering student – specialising in radioactivity.
Nuclear are still at it – binging politicians. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were talking about the meaningless, biologically impossible Climate Change. So we ever sat in the white house, was owned by nuclear power.
Hillary is very vocal about Climate Change – though not actually saying what it meant. Just is was caused by burning Fossil Fuels. That has increased life on Earth, not affecting the CO2 level in the global air.
As mentioned above, higher CO2 levels only happen in regions or times of reduced photosynthesis. Like the Poles, or a natural ice-age.
Suddenly Hillary has got 40 million UK pounds in the bank – despite running campaign offices with 180 people in.
Welcome to nuclear money. Hillary owned by nuclear power. Elect her if you wish, but suddenly you will get a chain of new nuclear stations. Which will suffer a catastrophic melt down every 5 years.
In the US, every operating nuclear plant requires insurance cover of 100 billion, or the lawyers will shut them down: and they haven't – due to the exchange of a lot of green backs.

America – land of the free and corrupt: remember 3 Mile Island. And Washington does not allow nuclear plants here the white house. Sleep well – sorry you have been for the last 30 years.

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