Friday, 17 June 2016

No Big Bang

As you look into space, you gaze through a fine mist of antimatter. This does not group together – it repels the antimatter.
It is attracted to matter – but this clumps together in star system. While the star shines, the antimatter is kept beyond the heliopause.

As the star shifts from H to he fusion, the antimatter starts to permeate the star – which then swells. When the He is gone, we fuse the elements from Li to U, and no visible light is emitted.
These super dense iron stars orbit the universe, being massively dense regions of gravity. The are brown giants – that contract 1000 fold as He fusion ceases.
They go around, accumulating antimatter – so the star swells, until one day it becomes repulsive and goes nova.
So we see super dense gravity sources that emit X-rays – so not black holes but non radiant brown giants. Nature does not do infinity. A neutron star is at the density limit of matter. Where the protons and electrons have bonded to form neutrons.
1 p++e- ->n0
Nova day sees the return of the bulk of the mass as energy – we are left with just a white dwarf. So Einstein was right: he did not believe in black holes. He objected to the idea nature did infinity – as it does not.
The red shift is not due to relative motion – otherwise we would also see blue shifts – as stuff came towards us.
Instead the further stuff is from us, the more red shift the light gets – as it passes through more antimatter is outer space.
Is there anti helium? It has a half life on 10 minutes in the laboratory. And the universe is 14 billion years old. So no. The antimatter is anti hydrogen.
Black holes were the big proof of Einstein's ideas – and he did not believe in them. The less intelligent have built a phantom universe, which has no bearing on the real one.

Waterfall Fusion

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

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