Monday, 6 June 2016

Molecular Nuclear Fusion powers the future

In 1982 I learned a working steam engine gave off X-rays and produced He gas: this made no sense – so I filed it away in my mind.
In 2000 a PhD student reminded me of this – just as the 'cold fusion' idea was out. I actually knew about the release of X-rays from electrolysis 1983 – so it was old knowledge.
I told Sheffield University this in 2001, and they ended my PhD in blind panic.
So I went off, established a singing career, wrote books and got funding to make community videos.
Then I dug around for 9 years, and found lightening gave off X-ray and produced 5 tonnes of He: A relativistic energy release of 2.5x1030 W. Any rational scientist would have been interested.
When I saw prof Z in 2014, he was still not interested. The carbon free near infinite power source that will dive our future – does does not please his funders – nuclear power. Good scientists go after truth, not what the funders want.
So a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres produces a constant 1.2 MW of heat – we can generate 200 kW from. With zero carbon – and no U use. No plutonium or other solid radioactive waste result.
1 H2O+TU+e- ->Er3+L+X-ray Er3=1.2 MW from 10-17cc of regular water a year.

A 25x1cm steam plasma tube will produce 580 kW We can generate 100 kW: a helicopter only needs 45 kW. No petrol or diesel used. And only 0.25x10-18cc of regular water.

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