Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Mental academics

So High School biology teaches that plants on the land and sea grow, until there is only 2 parts per million CO2 in the air. In the Jurassic the limit was 4ppm – but there was 65% more life on Earth, and sea levels 60 meters lower.
Except in natural ice-ages. In the Jurassic there were 3 natural ice-ages – when free CO2 rose to 8 ppm. One ice-age lasted 650 million years.
So both Global Warming and Climate Change were fiction from the stooges to nuclear power. But since Chernobyl, each nuclear plant needed insurance of 40 billion.
No insurance above 1 billion is available – so they bought off the regulators. This is criminal – and academics are not allowed to get funding from criminal concerns.
All monies from people who wrote papers about Global Warming or Climate Change must be returned. All papers from that individual deleted, and al;l PhDs they supervised revoked – and tuition fees returned. Along with punitive damages.

There is 1 defence 'I have an untreated mental health problem'. I wonder how many former academics will take it. The alternative is jail time and a criminal trial.

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