Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Illegal price support

Nuclear Power only makes commercial sense with oil above $90 a barrel – last week it was at $30. So we got price support to push it back to $45. But stock markets have legislated that artificial price support is illegla.
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube uses the turbulence of the plasma to trun the matter into energy.
1 H2O->E3+L+X-ray massive power with no hyper-toxic radioactive waste.
Nuclear P{ower is agast – that distroys their business. So they spetn al ltheir saving to try and get new plants befroe they are shut down.

But since Chernobyl, they required insurance of 45 billion: no insurance above 1 bi;llion is available. After Fukishima the number rose to 100 billion. To allow nuclear power to operate is criminal!
Giving the plant maangers and regultors multi life sentances – in terms of millenia before parole.
As steam plasma tube can be stopped with a tap from an electric hammer – no nisurance required.
The steam plasma generates 2.4 MW/m. A row of oil or gas burners 45kW. Oil and gas overpriced.
Water falls from the sky for free – welcome to the fusion age. A person running a 50x1cm steam plasma tube gets an income of 6 million – more than a life times working income.

And oil ceases to have value. As does EDF etc..

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