Thursday, 30 June 2016

Illegal nuclear

I met the power station regulator in 1984, and he told me a power station without adequate insurance would be issued with an immediate stop order.
Then in 1986 Ukrainian nuclear had Chernobyl, and the valid insurance became 40 billion – nuclear power only caries 50 million per plant. The rest is carried by the government – you!
In 2007 Tony Blair privatised nuclear power – but there is no commercial insurance available above 1 billion. So all nuclear power became illegal.
But nuclear power bought off its regulator – corporate crime. And invested money in its Global Warming myth. Myth, Basque plants on the land and seas metabolise CO2 down to a pre-industrial 2 parts per million.
Static trace gases affect nothing. So nuclear power has been running under insured fro 30 years – after Fukishima the insurance rose to 100 billion.
So no new nuclear plant will ever get an operating license. All the Magnox stations in Scotland only had planning utile 1990 – and it is not acceptable to allow the plants engineers to extend the life of a plant.
Everything is designed to wear out as the plant reaches it operating licensed. And only engineers not connected with nuclear could extend the life – but they do not have the skill set. So shut down the plants.
But nuclear realised they would lose any new royal commission, so they operated plants outside of planning.
10 years in jail for ever year of illegal operation, and a fine of ten million is applicable.
So by privatised nuclear, Tony Blair made every nuclear plant illegal. And suddenly he got 60 million UK pounds – the most major bung in British history.
All nuclear plant are outside planning – except Sizewell B, that has insufficient insurance – as do all nuclear plants.

This is the biggest illegality in UK history.

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