Monday, 27 June 2016

Hillary is nuclear?

1986, Ukrainian nuclear experienced Chernobyl – and thought up Global Warming. The climate was in a natural warming phase, so the rest of nuclear power got on board – included the 20 uranium nuclear plants on the US.
The natural weather cycle said the weather would start cooling 1995. It did! Because of photosynthesis the global air still contained a pre-industrial 2 parts per million CO2: a static trace gas.
MY PhD supervisor copied my ideas around the world, and ended my PhD. All academics had lost interest by 2005.
When we had a naturally bad hurricane year – and nuclear power changed its PR to Climate Change. The gas which would INEVITABLY mean warmer and colder air now meant wetter and more stormy. And colder as it happened.
They promoted Climate Change as if it was Global Warming – but it was global cooling. By now the science lead ecological campaign had lost all its scientists.
Journalists kept writing about it, as it sold newspapers and magazines.
Politicians liked Climate Change, as it meant they could tax carbon fuels. Minor problem: the weather was the weather. Some tempestuous, globally wetter and colder.
Still with 2 parts per million CO2 in the global air: photosynthesis on the land and seas tuned the Fossil Fuels BACK into active biology. Leaving a pre-industrial 2ppm in the global air.
So nuclear power back all politicians as 1 had to win any election. Wasteful of money – but it got them all singing from the approved hymn book of Climate Change: is pro hyper toxic nuclear.
But a static trace gas affects nothing – Climate Change is meaningless nuclear verbiage. Promoted most strongly by Hillary Climot.
Who is she is elected, will be owned by nuclear power – the most toxic industry on Earth.
That requires 100 billion insurance per nuclear reactor. It has 50 million – having bought of its regulator.

Layers have a name for this: corporate crime. And Hillary Clinton is funded by it. Vote for who you wish – I will not try to buy your vote. Nuclear power already has.

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