Monday, 13 June 2016

H fission - safe, clean ultimate power

Plants take in CO2 to form plant bulk – down to the modern level of 2 parts per million.
In the Jurassic it was 4ppm: there was 65% ore active life than today – so sea levels were 60 meters lower. There was a land bridge between Asia and the Americas.
There were 3 natural ice-ages, when free global CO2 to to 8ppm – 4 times the capped level today. Capped as extra CO2 results in extra plant life within 5 minutes.1 lasted 650 million years. Totally natural. CO2 rose to 8ppm
So burning the Fossil Fuels results in extra life – the climate is determined by predictable solar cycles. So we have had 21 years of cooling – and in another 6 years we get back to warming.
So Chernobyl happened in a warming phase, and nuclear power was desperate to distract from the nuclear winter their exploding plant had created. Ukrainian nuclear has never recompensed the world for Chernobyl, but now Russia is part of the free trading world, it MUST do.
Uranium fission convert only 8 neutrons from an atomic mass of 263 into heat. H fission converts

Helium-3 and tritium[edit]

Tritium's decay producthelium-3, has a very large cross section for reacting with thermal neutrons, expelling a proton, hence it is rapidly converted back to tritium in nuclear reactors.[12]
1 2He+1n011H + 31H
But this misses out the interesting stuff! No scientist has published any work on pure H fission – without He.
2 1H++r1n0->Er3+L+X-ray
So a neutron unwinds hydrogen ions, into massive energy, with light and X-rays.
This is nearly twice as energetic as H fusion
4 21H++Tu->He2++E2 E2=5.8 MW/m – as shown by lightening producing 5 tonnes of He ions. So massive energy, with no solid, radioactive waste. The ultimate 0 carbon fuel.
And it converts 100% or the 3H I not heat – uranium fission only convert 8 neutrons from an atomic mass of 263.
This is why to create a H bomb, you explode an atomic bomb in a tank of water. The Nazis were working on exploding high explosive in water – but cleated a massive explosion, and killed all their scientists.
So a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres produces 1.2 mW of heat – we can drive a steam turbine top produce 200 kW. We want 8 kW, so generate an income of 5.96 million UK pounds – in Britain.
No enriched uranium, No hyper toxic plutonium produced. We use regular water, and for the cost of a glass tube and a steam turbine, earn an average income in 19 months.
No utility bill ever – they pay us. No gas burn – the elect city is free to us. No CO2 produced – but that increases life on Earth anyway: ask any rational scientist not in the pay of nuclear power.

Those in the pay of nuclear power should so obviously not be in education.

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