Friday, 24 June 2016

Fusion in your kitchen

As your Na fluorescent shines, the electric field is turned int oheat, light and X-rays. Mid life, the tube shines with no external power.
The only sources of X-rays and visible light, are nuclear fission and fusion. We we gradually consume the Na gas – so we are doing nuclear fission from low atomic weights. He use a high voltage burn in, to fission the Na into He.
1 Na+e-->2B+2e- ->4He+4e- ->8H+8e- ->3n0+E3+8e-
What is happening is that the cloud of electrons are getting through the shell electrons, and bonding with a neutron, to form a proton. This is far easier with He, that is tripped down to He2+ - 2p+.2n0
So sitting in your kitchen is a device which trun mass into light.
It is far easier from a steam plasma.
2 H2O+Tu->2H++O2++4e- so naked ions – stripped of valency electrons.
3 16O2++4e- ->8H++6e-
4 1H++r n0 → E3+L+X-ray
This is why venting steam procedes earthquakes and eruptions. So the way to stop both events, is to use ground sonar to locate the steam filled magma chanber, and vent it througha steam tubnie. So we stop the Earth quake, and produce carbon 0 power.
Plants convert extra CO2 into plant bio-mass within 5 minutes around the temporate Earth – so Global Warming was stupid biologicvla fiction, from the mentally sub-normal at nuclear power. Believed by idiots – who should not be in education orf writing copy.

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