Friday, 10 June 2016

Fusion heat

We have a large cylinder filled with water. In the widle we have two intertwined tubular helixes. Through which we pump H gas, at 5 atmospheres. The boiler runs at the same pressure.
As the Hgas goes around, the turbulence forms a H plasma.
1 H2->2H++2e-
A H nucleus is a proton usually bonded to 1 neutron
2 H+=p+.n0
These are in chaotic internaction with the free electrons.
3 p+.n0+e- ->2n0
These enriched other H nuclei
4 x n0+p+.n0->p+.(1+x)n0
Above 3 neutrons we get H sission
5 p++(1+r)n0->Er3+y n0
So we get massive heat, and surplus neutrons.
So the tube becomes a fire tube, and the chaotic flow od water molecules forms a steam plasma. Which does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
6 H2O+TU->He2++O2++4e-+E2
So the H tube, acts as a massive source of carbon free heat. We run a steam turbine, and take off miniscule power to do the electrolysis of water. We use the H gas, and sell the O2 gas.
So we produce effectively free electricity. We form He2+, which we vent to the air. It is lost to space within 24 hours, reactinbg with nothing. The O2 has high commercial value.And just 0.01cc of Hydrogen gas at 1 bar, produce a constant 100o MW of heat – will produce 100 MW of electrciity.

So no Fossil Fuels burn.

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