Saturday, 11 June 2016

Free water for the UK

The canals of the UK form a fantastic water distribution network.
We should raw out this water, process it, and put it in the mains. To fill up the canals, we use vacuum desalination.
This system works great for Arabia. We use solar power pumps to raise up brown river water or sea water, to just 1m. Obviously we should work to ensure our water ways are as clean as possible.
In raising up the water, it boils! Into pure water vapour – losing all contaminants and salts.
And the UK is surrounded with an infinite source of salt water – we can suck pure water out of. We transport this water to high storage and vent the pressure over a reservoir.
In Arabia we need to use concrete turbine – to be secure. Any attempt to get at the steam, will resort in a stream of high pressure water vapour – that can even melt titanium.
In Arabia fresh water has a higher price than oil. So if we sell of the water in the high desert, we can make the water pipe pay for itself.
We turn the sand, to exposed the Jurassic soil, And grow plants – that will again suck the CO2 from the air. So we will increase life on Earth – there is so little CO2 – a global average o0f only 2 parts per million around the Earth – though levels are higher in the Arctics.

Global Warming or Climate Change are nuclear fiction for the mentally sick to believe. Every day photosynthesis sinks CO2 to only 2ppm. Except over the Arctics or other areas of low plant growth.

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