Saturday, 11 June 2016

Free power & gold

There is a river of water circling the Earth. That is heated to 250oC, 8 atmospheres. It is just liquid. If there is exposed Ti or Pt, we get a steam filled magma chamber, and the land pushes up out of the seas.
So if we have a peninsular that floods at high tide, we drill down to the underground river stream. We send down high explosive, to make an artificial magma chamber. We then jump down TiO – titanium ore.

We then push down a plug, to ensure all the TiO is in our new magma chamber, and seal the hole. Over the course of 2 months, the land will rise up out of the sea.
Around the world, we can drill down to a fluid fill magma chamber, and extract the super heated liquid: we drill down, and enter the magma chamber from below. They can steer a drilling head.
At the surface we give the water a slight vent and it boils. Now all the heavy metals dissolved in the water drop out as metal dust: 40% gold, also Cu, Au, Pt – the expensive metals.
We pass through a aggrandised dry cleaner, and get at the metal power. We sell onto metals companies to turn into ingots: just so much gold.
We then drive a steam turbine, and generate 100 MW of free power – worth more than the gold.
We condense the steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump – so we get cold fresh water, and recycle 85% of the heat. Using 2% of the generated, free power.
So we get clean, free, limitless electricity – with gold ingots. Also the more expensive Pt. And no Fossil Fuels burn. An no hyper-toxic uranium fission.

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