Saturday, 25 June 2016

Free fresh water, Gold and Carbon 0 power

There is a river of fresh water circling the Earth – produced by filtering sea or river water. So it is often fresh- though wells show it can turn sour.
But high temperature and pressure water dissolves heavy metals – like gold, platinum, copper and silver. But also lead, arsenic and other toxic metals.
So we use ground sonar to locate an under ground magma chamber, though we can use high explosive to form an underground chamber.
We drill down to below this chamber, and get at super heated water – 250oC, but still liquid due to the 8 atmosphere's pressure.
We give this water a slight vent, to dirty steam at 240oC, 7.8 atmospheres. We pass it through a ruggardised Dyson dry cleaner. We remove the heavy metals and salts.
We sell this power on to process into ingots – 40% gold.; A rich gold ore is only 1% gold. So we will produce massively more gold, silver and platinum than even china needs.
We do this process in remote China, and use the clean steam to generate carbon zero heat. We are utilising the waste heat, that heats the ocean bottoms – and really is a waste to the Earth.
So we get free gold and power: with no CO2, or hyper toxic radioactive heat. This science was taught to me at Sheffield University 1984.
So then we cool the exit steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump – and loop the heat around to superheat the entry steam.
A get pure water – no salts or contaminants. And like the gold, itis free. We use it, and the Earth produces more.
So no well drilling – we get fresh water and gold – plus carbon 0 power. I will await the response from the brain dead Climate Change community. Global photosynthesis turns the burnt Fossil Fuels back into active biology.

So CO2 levels in the global air are limited to just 2 parts per million. 400Ppm? No. Go back to high school and study basic biology. Or get your metal health problem medicated.

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