Friday, 17 June 2016

Fluorescents turn mass into energy.

In a gas plasma, we have free electrons – whioch usually deflect off the valency electrons – but sometimes get throguh to the nucleaus. Then s proton and eelctron combnie, t ofor ma neutron.
1 22Na1++2e- ->22F- half-life 22F 70 seconds
Flourine goes to 24Be – and there is 1 extra neutron. This goes to 4He2+, and 8H+.
So a sodium plasma turns mass into energy, light and X-rays
2 1H++r e- ->Er3+L+X-ray
Isn't that cool – we have a way to turn mass into energy, with no CO2. A good system is a steam plasma – as nature uses to drive volcanic eruptions and Earth quakes: nature does nuclear fusion of low atomic weights on Earth, usig a gas plasma.
No theory – steam venting precedes all volcanic eruptions etc..
3 H2O+TU ->Er3+L+X-ray
All the oxygen irons have experieienced a plasma burn, and end up as 8 H+ ions – driven by the H ions and electrons forming neutrons.
4 H++e- ->n0 and neutrons unwind matter. Einstein had missed this trick, and doubted a practical atomic bomb would ever be made.
He also did not believe in black holes. He had missed the interstellar mist of antimatter gives light a red shift. The further we look, the more red shift there is – but the expansion of the universe should slow down.
So the further you look, the lower the red shift. Clever guy – just born a century too soon.
So a steam plasma converts the steam ions into light, heat and X-rays. So a clean, carbon free infinite energy system – I repeat: that is carbon neutral.
So nuclear fusion is 16 times as energetic as hyper toxic uranium nuclear fission. In a glass tube, we produce no solid waste.
In the free air lightening generate 5 tonnes of He gas every 3 minute saround the world – an energy release of 2.5x1030 W. In a glass tube, the netrons burn all atomic nuclei back to light and the rest.
H fission is twice as energetic as H fusion – and we don't even produce any inert He. So 5x1030 W. With no hyper toxic plutonium or strotium.
Massuve free, carbon neutral energy from regular water. We use a 50x1cm glass tube, and the electrics from a fluorescent light. Once started, the plasma self sustains at 4 atmosphers.
And generates 1.2 MW of heat, from 10-17cc of regular water a year. We generate 200 kW. If 1 in 200 people does this, and we needs no Fossil Fuels or nuclear power stations.
5 years ago nuclear needed Fossil Fuels to double in priice to remain price competitive – this did not take account of the used radioactive waste – lethal for 100,000 years. We get 5x1030 W of poer from 10-16cc of regular water a year. Recently oil has crashed by 60%. Nuclear power tends to spray the radioactive waste across a continent every 25 years.
`Truly the most toxic and expensive way we have ever found to generate power. Academics liked it – as they got loads of research money.
They concocted Global Warming: but the natural climate started cooling 21 years ago. So Climate Change is natural global cooling – and nothing to do with CO2. Carbon follows plant growth cycles – it reacts to the weather – it does not make it.
As natural photosynthesis converts the burnt Fossil Fuels back into active bio-mass within 5 minutes. Sucking the gas from the air. CO2 at 400 parts per million – not with 4 trillion organism on the land and sea doing photosynthesis.
Capping free CO2 today at a global average of 2ppm. In the Jurassic it was 4ppm, and there was 655 more lfie on Earth, and sea levels 60 meters lower. And 3 natural ice-ages, one lasting 650 mililon years, with CO2 at 8ppm. Have you never noticed the climate people never publish where or when – so nobody can check the numbers.
If you check anywhere over the land ir temporate see, you get 2ppm. And have since levels halved at the end of the little ice-age.
I can help here: CO2 is at 4 ppm above the Artics – too small an area to be globally important. Famed for being 50oC warmer than the equator – not! Coldest areas on Earth.
So a 1mx2cm steam plasma at 4 bars generates a constant 5,8 MW – from 5x10-16cc of regular water a year. No oil or gas burn. No enriched uranium, or radioactive waste. Convert all the conventiona lpower plants into nuclear fusion plants. 9 will drive a 100 MW power station – using a cArnto heat pump to reciver the heat of the exit steam.
Using technology from the 1950s – the engineers can get working in the lunch hour, as the eat a sandwich. Or even a pork pie.

So free power with no CO2 – won't that make the climate people happy: sorry forgot – they are just nuclear stooges.

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