Saturday, 18 June 2016

Fluorescents do fission

A fluorescent light does nuclear fission of low atomic weights. Releasing light, heat and X-rays as the tube loses weight
1 1223Na++e- ->1023Ne half-life 37.24(12) s
So the gas plasma does the same trick on the lower elemenets.hich is why you haveto burn in a Na fluorescent – to get He and H in the plasma. Then it acts as a little sun.
Releasing light and X-rays – that are only produced by nuclear reactions.
So we get
2 Na++t e- ->E2+L+X-rays E2=5x1023 W over 2 years. A constant sun strip. We top up with Na metal. Which vaporises, and maintains the plasma pressure and heat.
Any you can verify this in 1st year thermodynamics practicals – with a fluorescent light anda Geiger counter. Plus a thermometer, to monitor the heating of a water bath.

We imerse in water to contain all those X-rays. We can also confirm this in 6th form physics at high school: like Bolton School.

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