Thursday, 9 June 2016

Doubling mpg

Doubling mpg
The answer to reducing petrol an d diesel burn, is to replace the engine, with a steam, plasm,a tube in a little water boiler.
Every 3 minute around the Earth there is a lightening strike – a 1.5kn steam plasma, set up by heavy rain doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 2H2O+O2->He2++H2O+O32-+X-ray
So heavy rain itself does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which is why rain warms the air, gives off X-rays and produces helium and ozone ions. Hence the electricity we feel.
So this means a 1mx2cm steam plasma will produce a constant 5.8 MW – compared to 45 kW for burning oil or gas.

So we should replace 80 oil or gas burners with just 1 2cm steam plasma tube.
Power with no CO2 of hyper toxic radioactive waste.
2 H2O+TU->He2++O2++4e-+E2+L+X-ray
So no market for oil or uranium. We produce inert helium, an d build up the protective ozone layer.
A 25x1cm steam plasma produce 580 kW of heat. So a captive small steam turbine will generate 10 kW. A little helicopter only needs 45 kW. So no CO2.
From 2.5x10-18cc of regular water a year. When not running, we step down the pressure from 4 atmospheres to 2.6, and keep the water tank at 119oC: Water at 4 atmospheres boils at 120oC.
I was blogging about this, and the crude price fell to $35. I went to Ripon for 3 days, and it rose to $50.
It is not hard science, we borrow the electronic from a fluorescent light to start the plasma, then it self sustains. And at 4 atmospheres we have ourselves a hyper car. Driving up the Germ an autobans at 320 km/hr. Not recommended – we can't think that quick. We need a radar and computer assisted driving.
So Saudi Arabia was talking about other industries – as they lose money when oil falls below $60. They have spent all their foreign reserves, and are running on empty.
I have already published about a small solar powered vacuum pump making fresh water for 100 times less than high pressure desalination. They can turn the deserts back into the lush arable are they were in the days of the Roman empire.
Certainly petrol is dead. A garage hobbyist can get a steam plasma powered car working in 4 days. Then they sell it to their friends and family, and AUDI and BMW suddenly start losing sales.
The biggest impact will be on GM – as Ford will have a fusion car ready to launch in the next 2 weeks.
Pretty soon oil will have a negative value – as the Saudis pay you to take it away. To make tarmac, or a chemical in ingredient. Obviously, not to burn.
If you are addicted to petrol, Ti plate the insid surfaces of your car's cyclinders. This will double the Molecular Nuclear Fusion a car engine does – and more than double the power from the petrol. Same power from half the fuel.
3 Cm(H2O)n+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+X-ray+E2)

So oxidising the carbon radicle takes in heat. The Molecular Nuclear Fusion supplies massive energy.

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